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What is SA-MP?

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer, commonly referred to as SA-MP, is a multiplayer modification for the popular open-world game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It allows players to connect to customized multiplayer servers and experience a variety of gameplay modes, role-playing opportunities, and unique features not found in the singleplayer mode.

Can I still play the singleplayer mode in GTA San Andreas Multiplayer?

Yes, you can still play the singleplayer mode in GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. SA-MP is an extension of the singleplayer game, and you can switch between the two modes whenever you like.

How do I join a SA-MP server?

To join a SA-MP server, you need to install the SA-MP client, which is a separate application. Once installed, launch SA-MP and use the server browser to find and connect to a server of your choice.

Do I need a legitimate copy of GTA San Andreas to play SA-MP?

Yes, you need a legitimate copy of GTA San Andreas installed on your computer to play SA-MP. SA-MP uses game assets from the singleplayer mode, so a valid game installation is required.

What types of servers are available in SA-MP?

SA-MP offers a wide range of servers with various gameplay modes. Some popular server types include role-playing (RP), stunt, racing, deathmatch, and more. You can choose a server that matches your preferred playstyle.

Can I host my own SA-MP server?

Yes, you can host your own SA-MP server. SA-MP provides server files and documentation to set up your server. Keep in mind that hosting a server requires technical knowledge and appropriate hardware.

Are there any rules or guidelines I should follow when playing on SA-MP servers?

Yes, each SA-MP server may have its own rules and guidelines. It’s essential to read and follow the server’s rules to ensure a positive gaming experience. Common rules include no cheating, no harassment, and respecting other players.

What is the difference between SA-MP and SA-Multiplayer.com?

SA-Multiplayer.com is a newly developed launcher, with which you can enter SA-MP servers, as an alternative to the original SA-MP launcher. However, the multiplayer mod itself is the same, as we have not made any changes to the original source code.

Our goal is to offer players an alternative server list after the original SA-MP masterlists have been taken offline, without replacing the original multiplayer mod.

How can I get my SA-MP server listed on the SA-Multiplayer.com masterlist?

You just have to replace the original „announce.exe“ (on Linux „announce“ without file extension) with ours. When you start the „samp-server.exe“ (for Linux „samp-server“ without file extension), the server will be automatically added to the masterlist of SA-Multiplayer.com.

How can I add my server to the whitelist?

To do this, you need to add yourself to our whitelist. Our team will then decide if the server is unique enough to be added to the whitelist. If yes, it will be added manually by the team and the applicant will be informed about it.